NFS World: NFS World: Patch Release R5.18

Es ist wieder Zeit für ein Update des Online-Spiels Need for Speed: World. Die Änderungen sind:

New Features:

Dolby® Axon voice chat technology has been added to the game. Players can now voice chat with each other when they have joined a Group of up to 8 players
A new ‘Download Size’ option has been added to the Game Launcher to help reduce download times for new players who do not plan to use the ‘Maximum’ Level of Detail graphics option in game.
NOTE: Existing installations already have these ‘Maximum’ textures downloaded. We advise these players do not change this option from ‘Maximum’ to ‘Standard’ as this will prompt the client to download additional files (and thus causing additional download times for these players).
Players can now purchase Tiered Card Packs from the Safehouse. Each pack contains at least one performance part meant for a specific car Tier
An all new Dodge Viper SRT10 (Team Escape Edition) is now available for purchase from the Car Dealer
An all new Pontiac GTO ’65 (Team Escape Edition) is now available for purchase from the Car Dealer
The Pontiac GTO ’65 is now available for purchase with cash from the Car Dealer (previously available exclusively for SpeedBoost)
A new Group HUD has been added. Players are now have the ability to invite an entire group to a Private Match with a single click

Bug Fixes/Changes:

Made improvements to the game client’s stability
Visual Packages that appear the same as each other have been consolidated in the Body Shop
Fixed an issue that caused drivers to not receive a set of Team Escape powerups by default
Replaced a placeholder thumbnail image for the ‘Royal Purple’ Dodge Charger’s custom wheels in the Aftermarket Shop
Fixed an issue in Team Escape that caused team-mate’s distance to finish value to show an incorrect value in the post-race screen
Fixed an issue that caused all Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640’s Visual Package’s to appear within the Street category
Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Players Joined’ counter to remain at 1/8 when inviting players to a Private Match
Fixed an issue that caused the Durability warning icon to clip into other objects in post-race screens
Fixed an issue the caused a red border to appear around the game launcher on systems with ATI graphics cards
Replaced an incorrect finish line icon for the ‘Home Run’ Team Escape event

NFS World 13. April 2011 Lukas
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