The next Need for Speed: Alpha-Version

Wie unsere Partnerseite berichtete, soll sich der neuste Need for Speed Teil bereits in der Alpha-Version befinden. Zudem wird gewarnt, dass 99% der Bilder zum neusten Need for Speed Teil wahrscheinlich erstmal gefälscht sein sollen. Ob dies der Wahrheit entspricht, ist nicht sicher, da gefälschte Screenshots bis jetzt nur bei Most Wanted vorkam, was auch nur ein einzelnes Screenshot war. Das Spiel soll wie vermutet auf der E3 vom 10. bis 12. Mai 2006 in Los Angeles präsentiert werden.
Hier der originale Text von NFSGame, den man doch mit Vorsicht betrachten sollte:

  • I just want to tell you that the game is now in ALPHA stage and it almost surely should be presented this summer at Los Angeles. I know, that we did not reveal much about the game at January as we were supposed to, but I did warn you that things in EA often change. I think that you very well know yourself from waiting for the demo of Carbon as a PC user for ages. Sorry about that.Its a issue you have to espouse. All the images that will probably pop-up on the internet the next few months and will be claiming that they are from NFS11 should be ignored, because they will be on 99% a hoax. Until we release any or rather until the game will be shown, please take those „screenshots" with a step back. I hope the long waiting for the next NFS will be for you worth it. EA is this time working really hard, trust me. You will be happy when you see all the new key features of the new title this summer. As always, be patient…

NFS ProStreet 15. März 2007 Lukas
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